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Nature-based Design decisions: A Brainstorm & Evaluation Tool

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Want to practice life-centered design? Want to follow nature's lead in your problem solving skills? This brainstorm and evaluation tool will help you do just that!

This tool consists of 14 questions that allow you to critically evaluate your design scope or your design solution. Each answer carries a point value which is tallied and provides you with a life-friendliness score.

For each question, possible improvements and ideas are provided which can help you improve your score.


As designers, we strive to always be on top of so many things. Keep our skills sharp, invest in the newest and strongest technology, balance the needs of the clients, our needs, and limitations of budgets, etc. Being a sustainable designer might be just another "to do" item on your wishlist. This tool allows you to quickly brainstorm new and life-friendly solutions.

This tool provides you with questions that were derived from how nature operates. The Life's Principles (LPs) were originally defined by a group of experts together with B3.8, the international Biomimicry. These 26 principles summarize how life works. For this tool, we translated, categorized, and reordered the LPs according to the design process into a decision making tool specifically for visual communication designers. 

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This tool consists of 4 pages and a title page as a fillable pdf that allows you to easily answer the 14 questions as often as you like. Ready to find regenerative, life-friendly design solutions?

26 Life's Principles translated into simple questions
Fillable pdf that calculates life-friendliness score automaically
Can be applied unlimited times and to unlimited amount of projects
Apply Biomimicry into your work instantly
Find inspiration that are learned from nature
Discover regenerative design solutions
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Nature-based Design decisions: A Brainstorm & Evaluation Tool

0 ratings
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