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Biomimicry in Graphic Design Card Set

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Want to quickly find inspirations that are derived from nature? Are you interested in finding solutions in your graphic design work that are life-centered? Want to have some fun while brainstorming ideas?

These cards are for you!

This card deck is a fabulous brainstorm tool for any graphic designer. Beautiful illustrations and succinct text introduce 26 organisms and their unique strategies that align with common visual communication design challenges.

Prompts and questions are provided based on the strategies to help push your ideation further. Combining more than one strategy helps to find fresh solutions for the challenges you are solving.

Learn about the elders that surround us and find inspiration for life-friendly, regenerative design solutions.

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1 pdf with all the cards, front and back, including title card, and instructions

Easy to work with
Easily applicable biomimicry promps
mix and match inspirations
Learn about amazing strategies in nature
Black and white to make it easy to print
work with the cards at the beginning, middle or end of a project
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Biomimicry in Graphic Design Card Set

0 ratings
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